General Solar Questions

Do I have to get my system checked regularly

Australian Standards set out the requirements for Maintenance of solar installations, to insure your systems warranty is not voided this must be completed annually as a minimum. We provide ongoing preventative maintenance so you can ensure you warranty is not voided.

I have a blank inverter in the afternoon when i get home?

If the sunlight is low and not enough to turn the inverter on it will go into standby mode this does not mean it is faulty. If during the day it is blank then call us for a site visit as this is more than likely a faulty inverter or isolator.

My inverter is faulty can I just get any inverter to replace it?

Unfortunately no, we need to attend to complete a site visit inspect the panels and how they have been installed to confirm what options you have.

Can I just add extra panels to my install?

In some cases you can add panels without affecting your FIT (Feed in Tariff) this would require a site visit to determine if this is able to be done and a quote can be provided to you.

How much should my solar system be producing?

This varies based on location, type of installation and system size below is an average based on location/system size and can be used as a guide if you think it is below these figures we suggest a health check

City 1 kW
1.5 kW
2.0 kW
3.0 kW
4.0 kW
Adelaide 4.2 kWh 6.3 kWh 8.4 kWh 12.6 kWh 16.8 kWh
Alice Springs 5.0 kWh 7.5 kWh 10.0 kWh 15.0 kWh 20.0 kWh
Brisbane 4.2 kWh  6.3 kWh 8.4 kWh 12.6 kWh 16.8 kWh
Cairns 4.2 kWh 6.3 kWh 8.4 kWh 12.6 kWh 16.8 kWh
Canberra 4.3 kWh 6.45 kWh 8.6 kWh 12.9 kWh 17.2 kWh
Darwin 4.4 kWh 6.6 kWh 8.8 kWh 13.2 kWh 17.6 kWh
Hobart 3.5 kWh 5.25 kWh 7.0 kWh 10.5 kWh 14.0 kWh
Melbourne 3.6 kWh 5.4 kWh 7.2 kWh 10.8 kWh 14.4 kWh
Perth 4.4 kWh 6.6 kWh 8.8 kWh 13.2 kWh 17.6 kWh
Sydney 3.9 kWh 5.85 kWh 7.8 kWh 11.7 kWh 15.6 kWh

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