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Some Other Solar Companies Hate Servicing & Maintaining Solar Systems…We Love It!

That’s right — Solar Service Guys has built its business and reputation on being the trusted service and maintenance provider for your residential solar system.

Enquire now to book a home service call where we’ll diagnose and fix any faults or issues and get your solar system back into peak performance.

The Most Common Solar Service Issues We Diagnose & Repair are:
• Faulty Inverter
• Lack of Performance and Financial Return
• Poor Workmanship
• DC Isolators

Some Other Solar Companies Hate Servicing & Maintaining Solar Systems…We Love It!

At Solar Service Guys, we are committed to providing a range of ongoing services to ensure your solar system performs at its peak every day. Our areas of specialty range from providing energy monitoring, system performance review, solar panel repairs, solar panel maintenance, solar panel cleaning and more throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

We are experienced in solar panel repairs and rectification and can assist with solar PV warranty claim applications, regardless of the original installer. We offer our clients an Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan, which is aimed at a worry-free, scheduled annual visit to check your solar system – making sure your system is something you don’t have to think about.

Australia’s Solar Panel Service & Maintenance Experts

For most solar companies, service and maintenance is an inconvenience. We understand that you just want a worry-free solar system that generates energy and saves you money.

Solar Service Guys ensures your whole system is safe, functional and maximises your energy savings so you don’t ever have to worry about your next bill. We can service and maintain your system to help optimise battery storage, decrease the carbon footprint of your household, and assess and repair faulty or poorly-performing systems.

Being a technically independent service provider, we seek to ensure your system is safe, functional and works as expected, and can provide written assessment reports so that you can learn more about what’s on your roof, and what condition it’s in.

We’re here to help and keep your solar system working. Our expertise, backed up by fast, friendly, knowledgeable customer service that is second to none in the solar installation industry. You can count on us to be there for you when you need it the most.

Just A Few Of the Cost-Saving Benefits Of a Well-Maintained Solar System

Most people have been told that a solar panel system will work for 25 years. However, what is sometimes not explained is that solar system longevity is only possible with ongoing system maintenance. 25 years is typically a performance guarantee, which is only possible with frequent care and maintenance.

Benefits include longer life for your panels and inverters, higher overall energy generation and more consistent savings; fewer call-out fees to fix simple faults and failures that can shut down your system.

Ask Us About Our Cost-Effective Preventative Maintenance Plans

Many manufacturers insist on visually assessing and maintaining your solar installation every year to avoid costly faults or failures.

In line with this, we offer our clients an Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide, this provides you with a worry-free, scheduled annual visit to check your solar panel system, ensuring it’s is something you don’t have to think about.

Before we start any maintenance plan, we offer a Solar Health Check. This includes a written report identifying all aspects of the condition of your solar system, including any recommendations needed for its repair, rectification or general care.