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Superior Quality of Glass-on-Glass Solar Panels and Dangers of Low-Quality Panels

Do you know which solar panel is the most stable solar panel? Yes, it is the glass-on-glass solar panel. This is the newest type of solar panel that doesn’t degrade like the traditional plastic laminated solar panels and as such it has the most extended lifespan. It has glass underneath panels compared to conventional modules.

Here are the top three benefits of using superior-quality glass-on-glass module solar panels and the top 2 dangers of using low-quality solar panels.  

3 top benefits of superior-quality glass-on-glass module solar panels

1) These panels are sustainable long-term

This type of solar panel has the longest life span compared to other solar panels. The glass sheet underneath the panel protects it from moisture, dumping, and oxygen penetration. In fact, these panels are impenetrable. This drastically slows down the degradation process of the panels. This increases its life span and protects the panels from decolourization. 

2) Greater resistance to external mechanical influences

The panels undergo multiple mechanical stress tests during production, transportation, and installation. In addition to that, the panels also have to withstand harsh weather conditions such as hail.  In the glass-on-glass module, the panels are embedded between the glass that protects it from internal mechanical stress and tear. Moreover, it also reduces the loss of power output as a result of damaged cells. 

3) Glass doesn’t burn 

The traditional solar panels are laminated with a plastic sheet underneath them to protect them from moisture and damping; however, these foils are flammable. Further, the plastic foil can be easily damaged during installation and can pose electric shock hazards. In contrast, glass sheets are more durable and protect panels from UV rays and moisture. 

2 dangers of low-quality glass-on-glass solar panels

1) Micro-cracks on solar modules

If you buy poor-quality glass-on-glass solar panels, then it is very likely that the modules will have micros cracks on cells. These cracks occur during the production, transportation, and installation of the panels. Moreover, mishandling of panels during loading and unloading can also cause cracks. These micro-cracks can cause 2-3% performance loss. In severe cases, it is recommended to change the panels.   

2) Solar Panels Oxidation, Snail trail contamination

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate is an encapsulant material that is added to the surface of the panels to protect the panel from UV rays and oxidation. Poor quality of EVA leads to moisturization of panels that cause oxidation, consequently leading to solar panel degradation. This reduces the durability and lifespan of the modules. Last but not least, it degrades the efficiency of the panels. 

Solar panels are available in all qualities, sizes, shapes, and efficiency. It is always recommended to buy high-quality solar panels. The good quality panels are more durable, highly efficient, and withstand external mechanical stress. In contrast, low-quality panels can have micro-cracks and bad EVA that reduce the panel’s lifespan and power generation capacity. Hence, if you are planning to buy high-quality panels, then Solar Service Guys is your go-to provider They have expertise in commercial and residential installations, service and maintenance, and solar upgrades and batteries.      

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