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30 Jan, 2022

How Exposure To Conditions Can Effect Your Solar System Safety

DID YOU KNOW? DC isolators on the roof have been dropped in the new AS5033 standard however existing systems will need to keep this due to the standard requirements that must be met in order not to in ...

26 Jan, 2022

What To Look Out For In A Solar System Fire Hazard

Panels look great when you can see them but it’s what’s happening under the panels we are interested in. A buildup of debris can be a fire danger and connectors from the panels hanging dow ...

23 Jan, 2022

How Did Your Roof Hold Up During This Summer's Wet Season?

Every week we get called out to service roof leaks from incorrectly installed systems and the original installer not wanting to know about it, leaving the customer unassisted. In some instances, it ca ...

19 Jan, 2022

Buy Solar With Confidence

As one of the fastest-growing retail industries, there are many opinions and marketing taglines used to simplify the sale, which creates common misconceptions regarding solar systems. If you’ve boug ...

9 Jan, 2022

Why Choose A Cheaper System If You Have To Buy It Twice?

Check out this back sheet failure causing the panels to fail earlier as the cracks in the back sheet allow moisture into the panel causing the inverter to go into a fault state. This can go undetect ...

26 Dec, 2021

Are Your Panels Holding Up To The Australian Conditions

This customer was on a high feed-in tariff and got us out to complete a health check, but after finding faulty panels not supported by the manufacturer anymore we assisted to build out a solution that ...

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