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19 Dec, 2021

The Consequences Of A Cheap Install

When you get a cheap install this is what happens… We turned up to service this system and found too many non-conformances to list, however, the main one to consider is how would you shut this ...

15 Dec, 2021

Superior Quality of Glass-on-Glass Solar Panels and Dangers of Low-Quality Panels

Do you know which solar panel is the most stable solar panel? Yes, it is the glass-on-glass solar panel. This is the newest type of solar panel that doesn’t degrade like the traditional plastic lami ...

12 Dec, 2021

Why Choose A Cheaper System If You Have To Buy It Twice?

Check out this back sheet failure causing the panels to fail earlier as the cracks in the back sheet allow moisture into the panel causing the inverter to go into a fault state. This can go undetect ...

5 Dec, 2021

How To Take Advantage Of The STC Rebates On Offer

GET IN WHILE YOU CAN! Each January the number of STC rebates available for solar installation are reduced making a huge rush of people trying to get in and purchase solar systems at this time. Get in ...

28 Nov, 2021

How Our Team Work With You To Deliver The Best Solution

At our Spicers Peak Lodge job ~ The client wanted to maintain the aesthetics of the site which limited the roof space that could be used, we worked with the client to get the right outcome Solar Serv ...

21 Nov, 2021

What It Means To Be Maintenance Specialists

Just like maintaining a vehicle, maintaining a solar power system is vital to keeping it running reliably and for the full duration of its expected lifespan. We will perform comprehensive system audit ...

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