Solarwatt are German-made, high-quality solar products designed with an uncompromisingly high standard of consistency and protection, functioning reliably for their product lifetime. Their long-lasting panels produce green energy for generations to come and generate consistently high yields over decades saving costs and emissions. Solarwatt panels are manufactured and rigorously tested to the highest quality and manufacturing standards in Germany and are proven to stand the test of time.

With a 30-year Product Guarantee and Performance Warranty, Solarwatt offers a complete solar system with PV panels, solar batteries, and energy management. PLUS, there is no need to worry you’ll miss out before the STC drop because we have a warehouse full of stock – ready to install.

We’re often servicing failures for clients choosing cheaper products during their initial install then expecting a different outcome and they’re having to pay for a second system rather than pay for one high-quality system in the beginning. You only need one good quality system so save yourself the trouble and additional costs of trying to replace cheap systems. With less than 10% difference in the price between low-quality solar products and high-quality solar products – why would you choose something that won’t last its product lifetime and will cost you nearly the same?

To simplify this comparison, Solarwatt can be compared to BMW and your regular solar panels as Hyundai. One is European made, high-quality, designed to last and the other is cheap, less reliable, and less efficient. We’re offering you the BMW of solar panels without the price difference.

Over one month we have serviced 500+ systems with the panels having to be removed and recycled. If you have chosen the switch to solar as a renewable energy solution – choosing cheap products will contradict this and you’ll be left further contributing to carbon emissions. We don’t want to contribute to a throwaway society and are proud to assist our clients in furthering their clean energy journey by offering high-quality systems engineered to last.