QLD Government Battery Booster Program

The Queensland Government's Battery Booster program will provide rebates to eligible Queenslanders to buy and install household solar battery systems to use with new or existing rooftop solar systems.

This program is now available to Queensland households.

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This program is an initiative under the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, aimed at lowering energy bills and helping Queenslanders with cost of living pressures.

There will be minimum requirements for households to be eligible for the program, including:

1. Maximum income
Applicants must have a combined annual household taxable income of $180,000 or less.

2. Battery purchase date
Home battery systems will only be eligible if purchased when the program is open and after the applicant has received conditional approval as part of the application process. Any batteries purchased before the program opening date and before receiving conditional approval will not be eligible under the program.

3. Minimum battery system size
A minimum 6 kilowatt hour (kWh) battery needs to be purchased from an approved battery systems list.

4. Approved battery system
Only battery systems on the list are eligible for the rebate.

5. Minimum solar PV system size
Households must have at least a 5kW solar PV system (new or existing).

6. Approved Installer
The battery system must be installed by an Approved Installer.

If your planned battery system does not meet the minimum requirements, it will not be eligible for a rebate.

As Approved Installers, Solar Service Guys Can Help!

Solar Service Guys is providing complimentary site inspections for those interested in the QLD Government Battery Booster Program. To stay updated and verify your eligibility with our Solar Experts, please complete the form below.