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26 Apr, 2022

What You Need To Know Before Installing Solar

Another issue that needs to be taken into account when it comes to system design is skylights and access to isolators. Isolators need to be accessible on the roof however you need to be able to acces ...

19 Apr, 2022

How Our Insider Knowledge On Solar Maintenance Can Save You Thousands

Sometimes when we get on the roof we see the issues straight away and other times it can be a little bit deceiving… This is why our APP guides the techs through the process to collect all the ...

27 Mar, 2022

How A Simple Maintenance Check Could Prevent You Losing $$$

Lifted up the old array for a full panel replacement under warranty, the panels were only 6 years old but due to water ingress, they have failed. If you have got panels 250w or less, it’s worth ...

20 Mar, 2022

What We Look Out For To Protect Your System

Racking on solar systems is designed to hold the panels to the roof during strong winds and as a part of our checks, we check to see if we can find any of these components lose or missing. We’re ...

13 Mar, 2022

How We Can Optimise Your Solar System

It’s great to see the use of optimisation in this urban solar system we are servicing. Optimisers allow for the panels to be on multiple different faces of the roof all running off the single in ...

6 Mar, 2022

How We're Saving One Solar System At A Time

There is something about taking an old unloved solar system and bringing it back to life to perform for many years to come. That is what we did for this customer who opted to replace the Inverter and ...

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