Commercial Installation


Investing in a commercial solar installation for your business allows you to harness clean energy from Australia's sunshine and save money on your power bills. This also frees up your cash flow to make room for business growth and improvement. With our experienced and qualified installers, we can achieve these goals for your business. Our high-quality solar panels use the best components to regularly maintain your system over time.

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have the components, we can perform any size system installation for you. Our licensed electricians are Master Electrician Gold Licence Members, giving you peace of mind that your installation will be correctly managed and maintained by the best. We only offer high-quality installs that meet the following criteria:

● Globally reputable technology
● Local sales & support office
● Fast & efficient communication

Are all Solar Systems the Same?

Solar PV systems comprise of a few key components. Solar panels connect to a solar inverter, which then connects to the switchboard and meter. We select the key components with high quality and longevity in mind. Our specialty team of qualified electricians are reliable in delivering the most cost-efficient and energy-efficient system for your business.

Why Does Price Matter?

It’s a common reality when buying anything that we look for a good price. Quality solar power systems are no exception. Companies that offer lower costs also choose low-quality components and cut corners during installation. This results in higher repair and replacement costs, costing you more in the long run. We listen to your needs and select the best solutions based on your requirements while offering you the best value for money.