Solar System Upgrades


Is your solar system delivering you the return on investment you were expecting? If not, don't worry, we have plenty of solutions. While a good quality install shouldn't need upgrading as it is designed based on your bills and usage, if your system is no longer meeting your energy needs we can organise a site visit to assess your capacity to increase array sizing. We also suggest a system health check to ensure your system is generating at an optimal level.

If you're enjoying the power of generating your own energy from the sun, we can upgrade your existing solar installation safely and cost-effectively. We're not interested in just offering you more products, we want to offer you support in ways you be more energy efficient and store your generated energy. With new technology constantly hitting the market, we're provided better opportunities for generating, storing and analysing your energy. We can talk you through all the options that are currently available.


During times when the sun isn't providing any energy such as nighttime, you are purchasing electricity from the energy providers. But with solar battery storage solutions, you can store your excess generated energy from your solar system and use it to power your home or business during the night or even during a power outage. We work with leading brands like LG, General Electric, Tindo, Sonnen and Tesla to give you peace of mind that you're working with technology leaders and supported by local after-sales offices.