Our Expertise

Complete Home Solar Installation & Service


Most solar companies install new solar systems but don’t stick around to service and maintain them. At Solar Service Guys, we not only install residential solar systems, but we also keep them working smoothly and cost-effectively for years to come.


Get the Best Solar System for your Home from a Solar Installer Who Will Be Here to Support It

Solar Service Guys has visited and assessed the Solar PV systems for over 50,000 homes and know what a Good Quality Solar System includes.

Aside from high-quality installation, we only offer products that meet our three criteria:
• Globally Reputable Technology
• Local Sales & Support Office
• Fast & Efficient Communication

What Capabilities to Look for in Products and Installers

With such an expansive list of products and installers, it can be difficult to know the good from the not-so-good. Many buyers cannot understand the points of reference to determine why a solar panel or inverter is good versus average as all are generally seen as equally accredited in the eyes of a local market regulator.

Generic references to promote a business such as “we have installed over 3,000 systems” are commonly used to instil confidence, but this provides no means for buyers to understand the experience or quality of services they are likely to be paying for. Typically online reviews are helpful also, but our opinion is nothing is stronger than word of mouth.

One of the biggest concerns is whether the installer is based locally and we suggest you ask these questions:

• How long have they been trading?
• If the installer does not have a local office, have you enquired about their service standards and response times in the unlikely event of a fault?
• What is the policy and commitment of the after-sales service?
• What is their response timeframe?
• Is there a difference in receiving service within 48 hours or over 4 – 8 months?
• Have you received this in writing?

There are many fantastic solar installers in the market but unless a series of questions are asked, you won’t know. The age-old method of testing this is to ask for references, preferably from people in similar situations as you, and a customer who has bought from them previously – and following your instinct.

Always feel free to ask for a second opinion from someone who is technically independent.